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Regal Entertainment Group

  • Regal Capital Expenditure Projects – Multiple projects handled under The Wyatt Entertainment Group, a division of Gary C. Wyatt General Contractor, LLC. Projects are located throughout the southeast, northeast, mid-south and mid-north regions.
  • Regal Cinema, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Regal Cinema, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Regal Theatre Cap X Program – Handling of multiple projects over the South East, North East and Middle East and West
  • Regal Cinema Renovation, St. Augustine, Florida
  • Regal Cinema, Stuart, Florida
  • Regal Cinema Renovations, Victor, New York
  • Regal Cinema Renovations, Chesapeake, Virginia
  • Regal Cinema, Wilmington, Delaware
  • Regal Cinema, Easton, Pennsylvania
  • Regal Cinema, Trussville, Alabama
  • Regal Cinema, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Regal Cinema, Austell, Georgia
  • Regal Cinema, Jacksonville, Florida
  • Regal Cinema Rail Repairs, Trussville, Alabama
  • Regal Cinema – Cap X – 2009
  • Regal Cinema – Cap X – 2010
  • Regal Cinema, Watertown, New York
  • Regal Cinema – Cap X – 2011
  • Regal Cinema – Cap X – 2012
  • Regal Cinema – Cap X – 2013
  • Regal Cinema – Cap X – 2014
  • Regal, Starlight 14 Luxury Seating Conversion, Charlotte, NC
  • Regal Cinema – Cap X – 2015
  • Regal, Westfork 13 Luxury Seating Retrofit, Westfork, FL
  • Regal, Largo Mall 8 Luxury Seating, Largo, FL
  • Regal, Magnolia Place 16 Luxury Seating Conversion, Coral Springs, FL
  • Regal, Fossil Creek 11 Luxury Seating Retrofit, Fort Worth, TX

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Mark L. David

Senior Executive


Brett Biel

Senior Project Manager


Tom Brown

Senior Superintendent


Vickie Abts

Chief Financial Officer

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